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"This exhibition is a big milestone for my work, as it is the pinnacle of the works I have created so far, which are based on characters from nostalgic games." Contemporary Japanese artist Yuta Tamura uses...
【Jamsan's first Taiwan solo exhibition《From Rose》in the US! 】11/4 (Sat) 13:00~16:00 Artist Jamsan will be present!...
2023/09/01-09/17 Gallery Nowhy Tamura Yuta from Kobe, Japan, brings you replica romance through 8Bit style, sharing his passion in this exhibition...

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Appportfolio originated in Hong Kong, it is a comprehensive international research resource, a premium limited edition product for submitting orders, and a leading platform for cultural and creative activities. Under the banner of the aggregation platform, various consumer goods physical stores and products, artists to provide a platform for the display of joint social responsibility, joint charity and promotion of contemporary activities, the joint output of various types of exhibition space, cultural properties, commercial complexes, etc., high-quality, creative cross-border activities.

We will develop and introduce services specializing in art and culture.


Different from the traditional gallery model, HRD is more like a brokerage company in the art field, moving the platform for displaying artists' works from offline to online, so that collectors can get to know the artists in a more comprehensive and three-dimensional manner through social media while accessing their works.
FNG-ART is a platform to introduce the works of emerging artists. At FNG-ART, you will find imaginative and bold works by the great artists of tomorrow, and FNG-ART will do its best to introduce talented artists to the world stage.