About BoonBoon Art

Company Profile

BoonBoon Art, located at 100 Guangming Street, Banqiao, New Taipei, evaluates and plans artworks for each collector.

We sell a variety of contemporary artworks, such as editions, sculptures, original works and Be@bricks by well-known artists such as Hajime Sorayama, Satoku Koizumi, Javier Calleja, Hikari Shimoda, Ken Takeru Amano, etc. We help collectors to consult and search for works, and provide an opportunity for collectors to find the most suitable works for them. Works created by famous artists such as: Hajime Sorayama, Satoku Koizumi, Javier Calleja, Hikari Shimoda, Takeru Amano, etc. We help collectors to consult and search for works, and provide a fairer purchasing channel.

BoonBoon - Benefits and Welfare

In the course of collecting, BoonBoon's founder Mika encountered the problem of acquiring works that were priced unreasonably higher than the market price. She set her mind to establish a transparent and open channel for art commerce under BoonBoon Art.

To this end, we obtained APPortfolio's Taiwan distribution authorization, and international art galleries have cooperated with artists to actively develop more international art institutions to pay attention to the Taiwan market.

We hope that all collectors who love contemporary art no longer have to go through these uncomfortable processes. Every collector can easily collect art and embellish their life and taste through contemporary art. Assisting collectors in consultation and selection and providing a more fair collection channel is our mission - to serve collectors.


Shimoda Hikaru

Born in 1984, Japanese artist Mitsu Shimoda has been influenced by Japanese manga and animation since childhood, and his artistic style can be seen in the colorful world of cartoons and the innocence of children drawn in candy colors. After graduating from Saga University of Arts in Kyoto, Shimoda became a lecturer at the Nagano Art Institute in 2008 ...

Ryoko Kaneta

Japanese new generation "super flat" artist Ryoko Kaneda was born in 1991 in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, she graduated from Yokohama University of Fine Arts in 2014, and currently lives and works in Tokyo. Her deep interest in anime culture and 19th century Japanese painting and literature has led her to ...

Junna Maruyama

Born in 1999 in Saitama Prefecture, Japan, Junna Maruyama graduated from the Art Department of the Japan Women's Art University Junior College and was selected for the Grand Prize of the National Art Museum of Japan at the age of 18. At the age of 19, Junna Maruyama was selected for the 14th World Art Award for her painting "Inferiority Feeling". She received high regards from Shimoda Kou, who was also a mentor to Takamatsu Kazuki, due to the similarity of her painting style ...